Company Overview

ACM Medical Laboratory, one of New York State's largest regional reference laboratories, conducts over 15 million clinical tests annually for physicians, hospitals, employers, and other health care providers. We offer over 1600 assays - from simple blood analysis to complex molecular diagnosis performed at our central laboratory facility in Rochester, New York . ACM Medical Laboratory, founded in 1975, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Unity Health System.

ACM offers high-quality clinical laboratory, pathology and cytology services. Testing services include general laboratory testing, clinical trials testing, and occupational and forensic toxicology testing.

The Vision at ACM Medical Laboratory is to provide high-quality, cost-effective, responsive, comprehensive laboratory and pathology services, which meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Through teamwork and continuous quality improvement, we have successfully improved quality, service and turnaround time. ACM has attained success providing outpatient laboratory services, as well as inpatient laboratory services, having extensive experience providing inpatient services at Unity Health System's Unity Hospital and Unity St. Mary's Campus.

ACM has an extensive courier network which enables us to customize the pickup and delivery service for all accounts. Each courier vehicle is equipped with a two-way radio to facilitate the completion of unscheduled customer requests. To safeguard specimen integrity, the Logistics Department routinely schedules multiple stops at ACM and customer locations. Additionally, this allows us to process specimens more frequently, resulting in a faster turnaround time. All ACM couriers are professionally trained to provide a courteous and dependable service for the customers on their route.

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